This was the happiest week yet. At Wednesday we got ourselves a flat – just for two months, but it is perfect. Ten minutes to Alexander Place, five to the nearest Starbucks, thirteenth floor and amazing view. It is unforgettable to lie down in a real bed after spending 28 nights in a wet tent, going in the shower after countless hair washes in oil stations. The same day I got hired in a huge firm, so we celebrated it with laying on the couch and drinking rum for three days. Today I signed the contract, so I am now officially back office agent at Arvato business support. I almost think that it is too good to be true. Also, Karlis found some weird job, this is his second day already, so I am lying in the couch and thinking what to do with my time this week as I start my job only on Monday.

Sadly, also some bad news arrived – our manager Alex died before a few days. He was not only a good friend and manager, but also the first man ever to see the potential of Molecular Beats. And that means a lot to us. Soon enough we will start putting together our new studio, just as we wanted. If someone, who reads my blog, knows some good place in Berlin with any industrial-techno-something going on, please shoot me a message, because we are now really looking forward visiting new places and make contacts.








These days have been mad. Imagine sleeping in a tent for twenty days, washing your hair in oil stations, eating cheapest shit you can find, never knowing when you will be able to sleep in a normal bed and make yourself a hot dinner. Today we made a progress – now we are officially Berliners. To do that you need to go to Burgeramt with a landlord permit. Then they put you in their system and then you are here for real. Of course, the lady behind the desk didn`t understand any English so I had to answer all the questions in my lousy German. Getting an address in Berlin is a big deal: until then you cannot work, cannot make a bank account, cannot really get an apartment, it is like a magical circle. Berlin is nice, really, but when it comes to the papers it is like a little kinky bitch.

Thankfully, a friend of my family helped us out. Today I understood that I have sent more than hundred requests for rooms, flats and apartments. Maybe more. I have had two job interviews, and I really hope that I will get one of them, fingers crossed. This week was fun a as well – a lot of our friends were here. At first Margeris and Annija arrived. Annija told me that a friend of hers will be doing a gig in some family related street festival. Of course, I taught that she is going to play with some geeky country ensemble, but, hell no, it was the amazing MNTHA with her wonderful performance. A few days later Toms and Laine moved to Berlin as well. And, believe me, it is a nice feeling to know at least someone when you move to a city as big as this. So now we are like some sort of a Latvian squad here.

Really, every day something weird happens. Like, a few days back we were sipping our morning coffee at the coast of the Spree, when this unknown guy with a bout starts asking us where the hell is he and then asks us to look after his boat and runs away. Thats it.



These days have been truly boring. In fact, I was so bored that I started to clean floors voluntarily. A few days back we had a long chat with one of Teepeeland veterans: fifty-something Scottish man Jimmy, a father of three. Here, after a long search, he has finally found his peace. His little house is the most beautiful in all Teepeeland: it is made from nice, white boards and has a Buddha on the roof. There is also a vegetable garden and a chimney. The interesting thing is that he makes collages and sells them for a big money. I had this idea in my mind for a few days and finally decided to go to art gear store and buy myself some new shit to make something with. It worked better as I taught; my first drawing was sold one minute after I finished it. Karlis is spending his time producing music – at least he got into the school. Our friend Julin, who arrived a few days back, is fishing for an apartment. Yesterday there was a storm: we taught that our tent will get blown away with us inside. Cold as well. As Julin says, survival is all that matters.



On Sundays, nothing happens in Teepeeland. All you can do with your time is to read a book, learn some German or talk to other guys. I wake up really early every day – it gets very hot in our tent. Karlis doesn`t give a shit tho. So I get up, make myself some coffee and go to the Centre. Then I try to read or do something clever. This is how I met my new best friend from Ghana – an old guy, who spends his mornings in Teepeeland. We sometimes speak to each other several hours. He tells me about life in Ghana, Jamaica, Spain and many other places, his music studio and long-lost love.

When my husband wakes up, we usually eat breakfast at the coast of the Spree, and he is making sick snobbish jokes about rich people and their yachts passing by. Of course, terrible and loud music is also included.

Now we are sitting in Burger King, while Karlis is mastering our song Apathy (video coming soon!) and I am listening to Infected Mushroom. Love it.

In the evening there are jam sessions happening in Teepeeland, but since all of our gear is still in Latvia, we can only listen. Sometimes the jams are good, sometimes they are sad. Anyway, for these occasions some interesting people from other squats come around and roll their badass joints in the size of my hand. Even some dudes from Titanic (gigantic squat in Barcelona) showed up. About 95% of Teepeeland inhabitants are, of course, men. Maybe that is why I get all the good shit for free.

The funniest thing is that some weird fucking tourist groups are coming to Teepeeland, taking photos and looking at us like some Zoo penguins. I wouldn`t be that surprised if National Geographic guys would come in a day or two.



No keys in your pocket – the feeling is truly weird. Homeless would be the right word, I guess.

After 23 hour ride we are finally in Berlin, this time – to stay. Once again, we are in a hippy commune Teepeeland, located in Kreuzberg. Last summer were here for about two weeks. Teepeeland is for anyone: travelers, junkies, runaway kids and random people. Nothing much has changed since we were last here, even our friend from Latvia, Jānis, is still here. Only now they have three chickens and more teepees.

Berlin always made me feel like I was in a magical land, full of opportunities, interesting people and art. This is the place where Bowie made his best albums, Waters did something as magnificent as “The Wall” not to mention that Berlin still is a paradise for young people who loves music and art. I first came to Berlin at age of nine, me and my mother went to a huge hippy festival, where I met a favorite singer of mine. She said, “Follow your dreams”. It sounded easy, so I always kept this possibility in mind – to leave everything behind and just go. Ten years later I am finally here.

Both me and my husband Karlis (this is our fourth summer together) went back to the drawing board: left our studies, work and home to come to Berlin. We have three bags, almost no money and no idea what will happen after a week or a month. Call it an interesting feeling or a perfect storm, –  I am usually the one that plans every single detail of every step.

I think that we will be here for at least a few weeks. Making contacts, going to concerts and having fun is the best thing you can do in Berlin.tpee