No keys in your pocket – the feeling is truly weird. Homeless would be the right word, I guess.

After 23 hour ride we are finally in Berlin, this time – to stay. Once again, we are in a hippy commune Teepeeland, located in Kreuzberg. Last summer were here for about two weeks. Teepeeland is for anyone: travelers, junkies, runaway kids and random people. Nothing much has changed since we were last here, even our friend from Latvia, Jānis, is still here. Only now they have three chickens and more teepees.

Berlin always made me feel like I was in a magical land, full of opportunities, interesting people and art. This is the place where Bowie made his best albums, Waters did something as magnificent as “The Wall” not to mention that Berlin still is a paradise for young people who loves music and art. I first came to Berlin at age of nine, me and my mother went to a huge hippy festival, where I met a favorite singer of mine. She said, “Follow your dreams”. It sounded easy, so I always kept this possibility in mind – to leave everything behind and just go. Ten years later I am finally here.

Both me and my husband Karlis (this is our fourth summer together) went back to the drawing board: left our studies, work and home to come to Berlin. We have three bags, almost no money and no idea what will happen after a week or a month. Call it an interesting feeling or a perfect storm, –  I am usually the one that plans every single detail of every step.

I think that we will be here for at least a few weeks. Making contacts, going to concerts and having fun is the best thing you can do in Berlin.tpee


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