These days have been mad. Imagine sleeping in a tent for twenty days, washing your hair in oil stations, eating cheapest shit you can find, never knowing when you will be able to sleep in a normal bed and make yourself a hot dinner. Today we made a progress – now we are officially Berliners. To do that you need to go to Burgeramt with a landlord permit. Then they put you in their system and then you are here for real. Of course, the lady behind the desk didn`t understand any English so I had to answer all the questions in my lousy German. Getting an address in Berlin is a big deal: until then you cannot work, cannot make a bank account, cannot really get an apartment, it is like a magical circle. Berlin is nice, really, but when it comes to the papers it is like a little kinky bitch.

Thankfully, a friend of my family helped us out. Today I understood that I have sent more than hundred requests for rooms, flats and apartments. Maybe more. I have had two job interviews, and I really hope that I will get one of them, fingers crossed. This week was fun a as well – a lot of our friends were here. At first Margeris and Annija arrived. Annija told me that a friend of hers will be doing a gig in some family related street festival. Of course, I taught that she is going to play with some geeky country ensemble, but, hell no, it was the amazing MNTHA with her wonderful performance. A few days later Toms and Laine moved to Berlin as well. And, believe me, it is a nice feeling to know at least someone when you move to a city as big as this. So now we are like some sort of a Latvian squad here.

Really, every day something weird happens. Like, a few days back we were sipping our morning coffee at the coast of the Spree, when this unknown guy with a bout starts asking us where the hell is he and then asks us to look after his boat and runs away. Thats it.



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