On Sundays, nothing happens in Teepeeland. All you can do with your time is to read a book, learn some German or talk to other guys. I wake up really early every day – it gets very hot in our tent. Karlis doesn`t give a shit tho. So I get up, make myself some coffee and go to the Centre. Then I try to read or do something clever. This is how I met my new best friend from Ghana – an old guy, who spends his mornings in Teepeeland. We sometimes speak to each other several hours. He tells me about life in Ghana, Jamaica, Spain and many other places, his music studio and long-lost love.

When my husband wakes up, we usually eat breakfast at the coast of the Spree, and he is making sick snobbish jokes about rich people and their yachts passing by. Of course, terrible and loud music is also included.

Now we are sitting in Burger King, while Karlis is mastering our song Apathy (video coming soon!) and I am listening to Infected Mushroom. Love it.

In the evening there are jam sessions happening in Teepeeland, but since all of our gear is still in Latvia, we can only listen. Sometimes the jams are good, sometimes they are sad. Anyway, for these occasions some interesting people from other squats come around and roll their badass joints in the size of my hand. Even some dudes from Titanic (gigantic squat in Barcelona) showed up. About 95% of Teepeeland inhabitants are, of course, men. Maybe that is why I get all the good shit for free.

The funniest thing is that some weird fucking tourist groups are coming to Teepeeland, taking photos and looking at us like some Zoo penguins. I wouldn`t be that surprised if National Geographic guys would come in a day or two.



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