This was the happiest week yet. At Wednesday we got ourselves a flat – just for two months, but it is perfect. Ten minutes to Alexander Place, five to the nearest Starbucks, thirteenth floor and amazing view. It is unforgettable to lie down in a real bed after spending 28 nights in a wet tent, going in the shower after countless hair washes in oil stations. The same day I got hired in a huge firm, so we celebrated it with laying on the couch and drinking rum for three days. Today I signed the contract, so I am now officially back office agent at Arvato business support. I almost think that it is too good to be true. Also, Karlis found some weird job, this is his second day already, so I am lying in the couch and thinking what to do with my time this week as I start my job only on Monday.

Sadly, also some bad news arrived – our manager Alex died before a few days. He was not only a good friend and manager, but also the first man ever to see the potential of Molecular Beats. And that means a lot to us. Soon enough we will start putting together our new studio, just as we wanted. If someone, who reads my blog, knows some good place in Berlin with any industrial-techno-something going on, please shoot me a message, because we are now really looking forward visiting new places and make contacts.








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